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What is Curve Control?

Curve Control is designed to help you maintain control of your vehicle if it enters a curve and is travelling too quickly for the road conditions or layout. If the system detects understeer and senses the vehicle may be losing control, it first reduces engine torque then applies braking to help slow you down.

This unique technology is particularly effective on banked curves with a camber, such as motorway turn-off ramps.
Curve Control is capable of monitoring and comparing the desired speed of the car with its actual speed. It does this by measuring the amount that the driver tries to turn the wheel, and how much the car is turning. It kicks in if it thinks the car is not turning as quickly as the driver would like. The technology applies braking on each wheel and then the vehicle can enter the curve at the desired speed. Therefore, drivers can feel reassured and safer when entering a curve on the road.

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