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Thatcham Category 1 alarm
This sophisticated system automatically arms itself when you lock the vehicle and sounds a powerful alarm if triggered by forced entry, the vehicle being lifted, or if the motion sensors pick up any movement inside. An optional perimeter alarm protects your vehicle by sounding if the doors or bonnet are opened by force.

Remote control central locking
More secure than ever. That's because you can choose to open one individual door while the other doors stay securely locked until you activate a switch on the driver's door. This same switch controls the locking and unlocking of all the vehicle's doors.

Doors that lock when you're on the move
Drive-away locking will automatically lock all your vehicle's doors as soon as you start to move off. The system is fitted as standard and you can switch it on or off via the instrument cluster. To aid assitance, vehicles are fitted with a crash unlock feature that's automatically activated depending upon the severity of the crash. You can also get locks that: automatically re-lock the doors after 45 seconds if you don't open any (after using the remote); make it impossible to lock the front doors if they're ajar; unlock all the doors if the airbag is deployed.

Back-up alarm system
A battery back-up sounder is an additional, secondary alarm system that comes with the Thatcham alarm option. This sounds a siren when the alarm is triggered and because it has its own built-in power source, will activate even if someone disconnects the main vehicle battery.

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