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What Is Ford Telematics ?

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What is Ford Telematics?

Ford Telematics powered by Telogis® is the telematics solution designed specifically for Ford commercial vehicles. Ford Telematics gives you complete visibility on fleet operations. Monitor a wide range of performance metrics including vehicle location, speed, hard braking or acceleration, excessive idling, seat belt use, oil life and engine temperature – all in real time.
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Engineered for your Ford

Ford Telematics works by using built-in GPS technology. Vehicle performance is collected in real time, then processed using a secure web-based application from Telogis that presents your fleet data into an easy-to-use dashboard, real-time InSight Alerts™ and actionable reports.

Better maintenance scheduling

Ford Telematics streamlines your fleet's servicing requirements with automated reminders about necessary maintenance based on the actual condition of the vehicle. You'll enjoy lower preventive maintenance costs, less downtime due to breakdowns, better warranty recovery and more accurate usage and reliability data.

Exclusive diagnostic data

No one can tell you more about your Ford vehicle than the engineers who built it. With Ford's own telematics solution you will have access to diagnostic data that no other fleet management system can offer, helping you meet targets for fuel efficiency, driver safety, engine health and more.

Essentials for fleet management

Reduce labour and fuel costs by minimising idle time and total mileage while increasing productivity, efficiency and safety. And we won’t flood you with masses of difficult to manage data. Reports can be tailored to your specific requirements with as much or as little information as you want to help you make the decisions that matter to your business.
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Actionable Insight into your Fleet and Workforce

With Ford Telematics you’ll be able to view drivers’ work days, check vehicle health and fuel economy, and improve driver behaviour.

Driver Safety & Compliance - Gain real-time and actionable insight into your fleet of vehicles and assets, through custom dashboards.
  • Time on site
  • Miles driven
  • Vehicle location
  • Effective utilisation
  • Excessive speeding events
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Seat belt use

Fleet Management - The most reliable, scalable and comprehensive GPS fleet tracking software on the market will improve operations, asset utilisation and driver safety for fleets of all sizes, as well as those with a mix of makes and models. Gain real-time and actionable insight into your fleet of vehicles and assets, all on one dashboard.
  • Command centre mpping
  • Landmarks and GeoFences
  • 50+ analytic reports
  • Real time insight alerts
  • Fleet overview dashboard
  • Fleet, driver and team management
  • Search for vehicle, location and more
  • Animated vehicle history
  • Mixed fleet support

Vehicle health and fuel consumption - Leveraging the vehicle systems already built into your Ford vehicle, you get access to actionable reports that keep your fleet on the road and productive.
  • Fuel economy
  • Vehicle over revving
  • Water in diesel
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Oil life remaining
  • Airbag deployment indicator
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